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Where to eat in Melbourne (2022 edition)

Well, it’s been a minute, but we thought it was finally time to update our list of ‘where to eat in Melbourne’ (according to us!).

There’s a mix here of some old faves as well as new places, and please get in touch if there’s somewhere great you think should have made our list!

So here we go, in no particular order…


You might have heard me mention this place a time or two, and that’s because we love it! I really will get around to updating our review to a more recent visit at some point, but this place is a true hidden gem. Yes, I’m sick of seeing people use the words hidden gem too, so we could call it a ‘covert treasure’, either way you have to try them.

close up of white dish with lamb cutlets (Imbue, Maribyrnong)
Type of food: Japanese/Aussie fusion
Make sure you order: The whipped feta as an entrée. In fact, order two.

Sloppy Joes

The sandwich phase that hit Melbourne in 2020/21 left us largely underwhelmed. Huge queues, unavailable items and overpriced bite sized sandwiches had us running back to our Banh Mi and bagels faster than the price of coffee increased at Glen Iris’s Pantry.

Sloppy Joe’s is one of a handful of exceptions (the best one) that made us truly appreciate a good sanga. The sandwiches are unique, filling, and oh so good! There’s doughnuts and great coffee too.

close up of a sandwich from Sloppy Joe's on a white plate with tater tots behind

Type of food: Sandwiches, doughnuts
Make sure you order: Joe’s Fried Chicken, Mrs. Kim’s Beef, Sloppy Tots, A doughnut (maybe not all at once…)
Pro tip: There’s only a few tables outside Sloppy Joe’s so grab your sandwiches to go and head to the pop up seating area on Godfrey Street or Bentleigh Reserve just behind Woolies.


Or Maria, or Nancy.

We put lorna on the list as it’s the one we’ve visited and loved most recently. Also, it’s the most accessible from the CBD, but honestly you’ll have a great time at any café from this group. They’ve managed to maintain a consistent level of excellent brunch dishes and good service despite the challenges of the last few years.

close up of crumpets in a white dish, topped with strawberries and with a jar of lemon curd

Type of food: Brunch
Make sure you order: the lorna crumpets

Bounty of the Sun

Bounty of the sun is a place I should rave about far more than I do. While service at many places is taking a downturn with Covid and staffing issues, Bounty are still managing to put on a great show with a team who seem to genuinely love being there. Whether it’s cocktail shaking or giving you the top picks from the menu, you’ll feel well looked after. Their Japanese small plates pair perfectly with their strong cocktails for a fun night out!

Type of food: Japanese
Make sure you order: As much as you can! The meatballs were a highlight for us but you’ll leave happy with anything on their menu.
Pro tip: Try to reserve a seat at the bar where you’ll be in the heart of the action.

Close up of meatballs in dark bowl with sashimi in the background from Bounty of the Sun

The Left Handed Chef

A firm favourite of ours for years, the Left Handed Chef continues to dish up reliable, hearty Israeli food in South Melbourne. Their street food style menu has something for everyone whether it’s a hearty hummus bowl, a schnitzel challah or a pita pocket (oh, and you have to try their falafel). You’ll get a warm welcome at this true family business.
Type of food: Jerusalem style street food
Make sure you order: hummus bowl, falafel

Hummus with chicken and herbs in a large blue bowl from the Left Handed Chef

Places on our ‘to visit’ list this year

These are the places we’re keen to visit, drop us a line at if you’ve been to any of these and let us know what you thought.

  • Comma Food and Wine – we’ve tried their bagels but we’re ready to try their mains.
  • Big Esso|Mabu Mabu – we’ve heard so many good things about this indigenous owned business, we can’t wait to get there for a visit.
  • Gimlet – top 50 restaurant long list. Enough said I think.
  • Farmer’s daughter – we actually had our table booked and Covid got in the way so keen to try again this year!
  • Mama Blu’s – I ate a LOT of Jamaican food growing up, and the fact the owner is also from the U.K. makes me very excited for this one.

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