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Review: Nancy Eatery, Pakenham

Nancy Cafe– The Overview…

Brunch and beautiful bowls

Nancy recently moved in to take over the cafe space at Robert Gordon Pottery, where adding a few small Melbourne touches to the existing space has helped create a homely cafe environment. Providing a much needed distinction from the pottery shop they’ve transformed the space from somewhere to pop for a quick bite into a brunch venue anyone would be proud to call home. There’s also a glorious sun-drenched courtyard out front, and your trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the attached pottery shop to treat yourself.

Teapot at Nancy Eatery/Robert Gordon Pottery

Maintaining the Mexican twist

The menu at Nancy is perhaps more compact and simple than their previous ventures (lorna and maria). It suits the venue well, providing the opportunity for a quick bite while not forgetting those Mexican twists which have become Josh and Omar’s signature. Smaller plates are on offer in the form of toasties, fruit toast and croissants and then the large bites range from building a traditional breakfast to a more lunch-friendly burger. There’s quite a vegetarian sway to the menu and most dishes feel healthy enough to not have you running laps in the car park as soon as you’re done.

Nancy cafe sign on wooden wall


We started out with a coffee, brewed by Industry Beans. And my god it’s good coffee. A little nutty, just strong enough and with a slightly fruity, sweet aftertaste. Now I know I’ve not been brunching much lately, but I definitely did a little happy dance after my first sip.

There’s a good range of teas on offer too (in more of those beautiful pottery pieces), and smoothies, kombucha and juices too for something not caffeinated.

soy latte from Nancy, Pankenham

Corn Fritters

For mains we tried the corn fritter and french toast. The fritters had beautiful plays of colour across the plate and it’s easy to see why Robert Gordon picked Nancy’s food to complement their gorgeous pottery. The orange flower on top to complement the deep blue of the plate gave an almost artistic precision to the dish, and the bright beetroot slaw gave both a contrasty tang and an additional pop of colour to the mix.

The fritters themselves are rich and a little spiced, and it’s a huge serve with three chunky fritters on the plate. As with so many great dishes it’s a tiny detail – the fresh mint – that really pulls this one together to create a plate that will stand out.

Corn fritters on a blue Robert Gordon Plate topped with Orange flower from Nancy Cafe Pakenham

French Toast

The French toast, classically topped with Berry compote and ice cream is a dish of mass appeal. The large soft slices were swimming in the sweet ice cream, scattered with a selection of fruit and the berry compote. Again, it’s the small detail of the toasted almonds that just give this dish a little nudge above your typical sweet brunch, they pull the sugary element back just enough to allow this indulgent brunch to not slip into the world of desserts.

French toast topped with berries and ice cream from Nancy Cafe Pakenham

Everything else…

In a year of chaos, this duo have managed to come through 2020 adding another gem to their cafe portfolio, sticking to those outer suburbs that have given them so much love and success so far and cementing themselves as stalwarts in the Melbourne brunch scene. A journey that started three years ago with grandma Lorna’s crumpets has shown how far creativity and a genuine love for the food you’re serving can take you.


Address: 114 Mulcahy Rd, Pakenham

Opening Times: 

Mon 9am – 4pm
Tue  9am – 4pm
Wed  9am – 4pm
Thu  9am – 4pm
Fri  9am – 4pm
Sat  9am – 4pm
Sun 9am – 4pm

Parking:  There’s a handy car park for both Robert Gordon Pottery and Nancy Cafe. At really busy times, street parking is also possible.

Getting here on PT: It’s not one we’d recommend on PT given it’s distance from the city. If you’re more local, the 925 or 926 bus is your closest, alight at Lakeside Boulevard.

Disclaimer: Reviews are honest and based on our own personal experiences. We cannot guarantee things at a cafe won’t change including, but not limited to, menu items and opening hours, so please confirm any details with the venue before visiting.

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