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. You can check out our food and drink guide – organised by area or suburb to find great places to eat and drink near you or our handy “best of’s” help you find your perfect dish, cafe or restaurant.


This year we’re looking to bring you more venues that cater to dietary requirements whether that’s vegan, vegetarian or gluten free. We’ll also be featuring more from our own kitchen and garden and some behind the scenes posts answering your questions and giving you an idea of what it’s like to be a food blogger. There’s always our What’s on section too where we’ll have info on up and coming Foodie (and occasionally non foodie) events in Melbourne.

Suzie Scribbles is run by Suzie and Lee, with the help of a select group of foodies.


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“Suzie Scribbles came about as part of a list of 40 things I wanted to achieve before turning 40. By day I’m a secondary school teacher. I have a degree in Psychology and post graduate qualifications in Mathematics and Education. Prior to this I had a fairly lengthy career in luxury retail – with a focus on visual merchandising, marketing and coaching.

I absolutely love my job and the kids I work with are awesome but being a teacher is all consuming and can often leave little time for me. This was about getting back some of those personal goals and remembering to do things for myself occasionally.

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I’ve had a passion for food since I visited Madeira as a teenager and tried some of the wonderful fresh produce. It just sucked me in. I then spent most of my holidays over the next 10 years travelling around Europe and trying food from different cuisines and trying all the amazing food my home city of Manchester had to offer.

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Starting the blog when I moved to Melbourne was just perfect timing. We were moving from temporary place to temporary place for the first couple of months so were always eating out.

Initially it was just something fun to do. We didn’t really know anyone and it forced us to explore new places. Then about 6 months after we arrived we were invited to our first blogger event and it just grew from there.

Now we’re over 2 years into it and it’s grown bigger than we ever imagined (and is still growing every day). We’re still having a lot of fun, we’re still trying some delicious food and we’ve made heaps of amazing friends.

Suzie Scribbles is definitely  a second job for both of us now and every visit involves a lot of work behind the scenes afterwards to ensure we are happy with the content we are producing and telling the right story for each and every venue. We want to capture the passion and the heart behind the venues we visit, and if their food is amazing, we want to show it off in the best possible way.

IMG_1701I focus on all of the admin and social media for Suzie Scribbles. I also write almost all of the blog posts, do all of the front and back end web design (which is definitely something I’m still learning lots about) and arrange all of our visits.

When I’m not teaching or blogging you’ll find me out walking many of Victoria’s beautiful trails or relaxing at home with a book and adorable cat Scribblydoodles.”


Suzie Scribbles was (obviously) initially just meant to be Suzie’s hobby. I was often around eating with her in the early days but my role was pretty passive. Once we started collaborating with venues more regularly I soon realised I could use my skills as a photographer to help out. I now take almost all of the photos for the Suzie Scribbles blog using either my Fuji or Canon. I’ll then edit these through Lightroom, Photoshop or Capture One before they finally get sent to Suzie to upload to the blog or social media. I love the challenge of shooting for Suzie Scribbles as unlike my typical shoots where I can control most of the environment, arriving to a cafe or restaurant for a blogging collaboration you never know what to expect and often you have to be a little bit creative to get the shots you really want.

Pancakes Louis Cafe FitzroyI’ve been a professional photographer for over 6 years and alongside working with Suzie Scribbles I run my own photography company Lee Crawford Studio. While I initially focused my business on Portrait, promotional and event photography, since working with Suzie Scribbles I now have a 50/50 split between this and food and product photography. When I’m not working or eating you’ll find me sketching or relaxing with a book. Fun fact: I aim to read over 50 books each year.

DanishNosh_20181010_0044Working with us:

You can find out more about the different ways we can work with you or your brand over on our Working with us page. Or get in touch at: hello@suziescribbles.com we’d love to hear from you!

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