Uni Boom Boom, Glen Waverley

Uni Boom Boom, hidden away in Glen Waverley, specialise in edible birds nest and sea urchins. A former distribution only company, they’ve opened their casual eatery to allow you to try their unique products at their finest!

Stocksville, Ashwood

Stocksville is a modern, bright and airy cafe in Ashwood. Paying homage to the Stocksville post office of time gone by and taking inspiration from the local area, it’s a hidden gem!

Sir Charles, Fitzroy

Open plan, minimal and loud Sir Charles is everything quintessential about Fitzroy brunch. Yet the menu is anything but, with some unique takes on some brunch classics.

La Baia Bar Cucina, Albert Park

La Baia, a seaside Italian in a beautiful heritage style building is the ideal environment for an evening meal. We recommend getting here so you can watch the sun set over the bay while you’re enjoying dinner.

Yum Yami, Camberwell

YumYami, recently moved from Chadstone to take centre stage in Camberwell Place’s snazzy food court. They’re ready to make you’re lunch times exciting with the Australia-Asian fusion dishes – including hand made dumplings and steamed bun burgers. 

Eating Mindfully

How many of you eat mindfully in this busy day and age? Do you wonder how to even eat mindfully? If you’re anything like me you’re probably more likely to be forking food into your mouth with one hand and typing emails into your phone with the other. I know, I get it…

Fish and Burger Co, Doncaster

The Fish and Burger Co. has recently expanded, now occupying a double fronted unit, adding ample seating, floor to ceiling windows and a small outdoor area. The menu has expanded too, with some new burgers and salads further bulking out what was already an extensive menu, and a tasty gelato bar to perfectly finish off your meal.