Onda, Richmond – Review

You’ll find Onda on Richmond’s busy Bridge Road. Chilled and funky it’s a great little casual eatery and cocktail bar, serving modern Latin cuisine. 

Review: The Beer and Burger Bar, Richmond

The Beer and Burger Bar is handily located for a quick bite and pint before a game at the Gee, but even on non-game days they’ve got a great atmosphere and some crackin’ burger deals.

Review: Epi Cafe, Richmond

Epi Cafe offer a vast, healthy range of options in their brand new, beautifully modern venue in Epworth Hospital.

Review: Monroe, Richmond

Monroe is Bridge Road’s laid back brunch and lunch spot – make sure you grab the beautiful banana roti for a sweet treat! Monroe’s cool colours and comfy chairs…

Review: Holla, Richmond

The Overview… Holla is one of the many cafes on the seemingly endless Victoria Street, but with its stripy monochrome umbrellas and bold “coffee roasters” sign, it seems determined to stand out and let you know why they’re there. From their scary smoothie glasses to their boozy shakes these guys are definitely trying to keep…

Review: St. Domenico, Richmond

Tucked away amongst the seemingly endless eateries of Bridge Road, St. Domenico don’t have the flash, or instagrammableness of some of the other local eateries, however, what it does have is some great food. The decor is simple, and this small restaurant definitely has an all-round appeal with it’s classic Italian cuisine, and a fairly…

Review: Niche on Bridge, Richmond

This week we were invited to visit Niche on Bridge. Niche on Bridge is not your typical Melbourne cafe. Even in the middle of a refit, it was sleek, suave and reminded me more of a hotel restaurant than a Richmond eatery. This place oozes professionalism and Daniel and his team went out of their…