Sir Charles, Fitzroy

Open plan, minimal and loud Sir Charles is everything quintessential about Fitzroy brunch. Yet the menu is anything but, with some unique takes on some brunch classics.

Cafe Louis, Fitzroy

Cafe Louis, which sits just off Brunswick Street provides an uniquely relaxing and spacious brunch experience in the heart of Fitzroy. Shunning the usual grungy vibe in favour of dark wooden furniture and a clean, minimal finish there’s a real air of grandeur to this new cafe.

Review: Tahina Bar, Fitzroy

Tahina Bar has expanded to a new location and you’ll want to keep coming back for their moreish vegetarian street food.

Review: Poke King, Fitzroy

Fitzroy’s Poke King have just dropped their new menu with some of Melbourne’s best and most exciting poke bowls. 

Review: Bentwood, Fitzroy

The Overview… Bentwood is the new Fitzroy café from the Tinker family. It’s the kind of place you almost stumble upon unknown as despite occupying a large corner unit, it’s on an inconspicuous side street. The Details… Bentwood makes you want to scream “I love what you’ve done with the place”. It’s huge and warehouse…

Review: Faraday’s Cage, Fitzroy

Faraday’s Cage is hidden away off the main streets of Fitzroy. It still offers that bare brick wall, edgy Fitzroy feel, but in a bright open venue, with a rear courtyard, friendly staff and some amazing food. Until you see the bright umbrellas of the outdoor seating you probably wouldn’t even realise Faraday’s Cage was…

Review: Fabrica Cafe, Fitzroy

Fabrica is now permanently closed. Check out Louis or Faraday’s Cage instead for great brunch options in Fitzroy.  Fabrica is a bright, open cafe just a stone’s throw from the fab Rose Street Market in Fitzroy, and offers the perfect space to enjoy a weekend brunch after a market visit – or a lazy weekday…