Il Dolce Freddo, Carlton – Review

Freshly opened on Lygon Street is Il Dolce Freddo. Located in what I like to call Lygon’s Asian precinct (the block with Lemongrass Thai on the corner), Il Dolce Freddo are combining the best of Italian Gelato with exciting Asian dairy free icecream.

Tuan Tuan, Carlton

High ceilings and chandeliers greet you at Tuan Tuan. Already popular in Manilla this Philippines based company has embarked on its first Melbourne store bringing their take on Hong Kong comfort food to the streets of Carlton.

Review: Gelocchio, Carlton

Gelocchio is a new addition to Carlton’s popular Lygon Street. Opening in an already crowded market, in the middle of winter is a big ask for an ice cream parlour, but if anyone is going to make a success of it, these guys will. Recently returning to Melbourne after 5 years setting up a successful…