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Art of Blend Iced Beverage Powders (Review)

Art of Blend

Queensland-based Art of Blend are a premier beverage manufacturer with a collection ranging from Aromatic Spiced chai, to Creative Yoghurt Smoothie, and Exquisite drinking chocolates. They’ve always got their eye on the latest trends and are a stalwart at several of the region’s key food and beverage expos! Recently, we were lucky enough to get to try a few of their iced drink blends.

Iced Coffee

Art of blend iced coffee and hot chocolate on wooden board.

Designed for everyone from restaurant owners to beverage connoisseurs, Art of Blend’s powders are versatile and easy to use – in most cases, just add ice! The iced coffee blended perfectly smoothly and had a good, strong coffee taste which we liked. We don’t own a fancy blender either, just a cheap smoothie maker, so these are definitely something everyone could try at home! We topped it with some whipped cream and grated chocolate to give it a dessert-like feel and sweeten it a little, but it would be a great summer beverage just as is! (I’d also be tempted to try it with ice cream next time!)

Hot (or cold) chocolate

Iced coffee and hot chocolate from Art of Blend on a wooden board with chocolates, coffee beans and vanilla pods

The drinking chocolate powders are a staple of Art of Blend’s range and they offer something for everyone. We tried the decadent drinking chocolate which can be served hot or cold.

Again, it mixed easily and had a delicious creamy chocolate taste. As is typical, this powder needs milk added too, but again it is very simple to make. It’s a rich chocolate blend, and we felt it was quite sweet (in a good way)! We loved it both hot and cold so it’s a great versatile option to have in the cupboard.

Yoghurt Smoothie

The yoghurt smoothie powder has loads of options. You can mix in, or top it with virtually anything, to make everything from a healthy breakfast smoothie, to a sweet milkshake style beverage. It’s definitely a blend to please everyone and allows you to go all out with your creativity!

And if you’re vegan, make sure you check out the plant based frappe blend instead.

4 art of blend beverage powders in bags on a wooden board.

You can check out the full range of Art of Blend beverage powders here.

Disclaimer: We were gifted these beverage powders from Art of Blend to try in exchange for this post. Reviews are honest and based on our experience.




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