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Veg Me Up – Vegan Meal Kits, Melbourne

Vegan, Melbourne based meal kits

Veg me up is a great new Melbourne based vegan meal kit delivery service. Working on a subscription service you can choose from a variety of ever changing dishes each week, handily delivered to your door.

Tick one for Veg Me Up is that fact it’s Melbourne based. Chef Jimmy and I have lamented over lockdown life and endless hours of home schooling, so it’s great to know that you’re supporting a true local enterprise.

Home delivered and sustainable

Brown bowl with turmeric tofu, rice, crispy greens and a lime wedge

Secondly, everything is fully sustainable. My worms are happily munching on the scraps and most of the packaging (I didn’t risk the little compostable “plastic” bags but I gave them everything else). For me, this is the big drawback of many of these kits. We try to shop plastic free and I just can’t bring myself to order something which, while super convenient, creates so much packaging waste. So Veg Me Up wins as my fave meal kit provider based on this.

Easy to make meals

Black bowl containing eggplant curry topped with corianger

Anyway, on to the actual food. We got to try three meals, but as I didn’t stick to the script when making the broccoli one, I’ll focus on the other two here.

They were very easy to make. Less than half an hour each, and even my other half could follow the steps. The recipe cards were clear and accurate, with no need to adjust times or wondering if you’ve mixed that just quite enough.

Filling and tasty

Black bowl containing turmeric tofu, chopped greens and a lime wedge

Both meals were extremely filling and tasty. We’re not vegan, so I was worried we’d miss a meat element, but honestly, since trying them we’ve been eating a vegan meal at least once a week. We loved the rich flavours of the eggplant curry, with the eggplant itself giving a great smokiness to the dish. It had a nice variety of tastes and textures and I was definitely a fan.

The sticky rice with fried tofu and spicy greens was such a simple, yet yummy dish. The zingy lime really added a nice balance to the ginger and spices within the dish. I loved the idea of the spicy greens and that’s a neat little trick I’ll be using to top other dishes in the future.

Everything else

Overall, we were super impressed by this fab new local business and we can’t wait to try some more dishes in the future.

  • You can find out more here.

Disclaimer: We received our meals as a gift from Veg Me Up. Reviews are honest and based on our own personal experiences. 

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