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Review: Benson’s Burgers, Preston

Benson’s Burgers– The Overview…

With an absolute focus on quality, Benson’s Burgers has quietly opened in a suburban, Preston street.

Benson's Burgers Preston - Suzie Scribbles

For anyone who grew up in the golden age of hip hop Benson’s burgers is a dream, and it’s hard to choose between what you actually want to eat vs the dish themed after your favourite rapper (The Notorious BIG in case anyone is interested).

Internally, Benson’s Burgers is tiny, with just a couple of tables, but their rapidly developing outdoor area provided a comfortable and spacious place to eat. It’s set to become more winter proof in the upcoming months too, and we expect it to become a popular evening destination for locals.

Beef and brisket patties

2 Pat 4 Sure Benson's Burgers

At this point, Benson’s has been open a matter of weeks, but they’ve already built up a healthy local customer base and some die hard fans who are returning from further afield just for their burgers.

It’s easy to see why. Sandwiched between Martin’s potato buns, the 150g beef and brisket patties are custom ordered fresh each day* and it’s a case of when they’re gone they’re gone. 

*Bensons are all about consistency and great service. They leave smashing their patties to the experts, meaning each time you visit you’ll get exactly the same burger experience! It also frees up their small team to focus on providing a great customer experience.

Breaky Beats and 2 Pat 4 Sure

breaky beats burger Benson's Burgers

The Breakky beats was fab. It was beautifully balanced to allow the delicious patty to stand out, but still had some breakfast flavours running through it. The cheese croquette helped to make it a really filling burger, and they did well to ensure this didn’t overpower everything else.

This was a true testament to everything at Benson’s. Their Burgers are well thought through. The names may make it seem like it’s supposed to be a gimmick (you know, we’ll call it the Lil Kim burger and no one will care what it tastes like) but it’s a driven by a genuine passion for hip hop alongside their genuine passion for burgers. Owner Joe just gets what it takes to make a great burger (and a great burger venue).

The 2 Pat 4 sure was equally delicious and well crafted. Although a more simple burger – the elements were done really well meaning each bite was cheese, bacon and burger in just the right ratio. The salted crunchy potato gems were also a nice little addition if you just want a simple side.

Loaded fries

loaded fries Benson's burgers

The hero of the day for me though was the loaded fries (and that’s saying a lot because the Burgers were EXCELLENT). The melt in the mouth brisket, tasty gravy and the scattering of onion rings almost make these a meal in their own right. They gave you those cheat day feels without making you feel overwhelmed. The chips held up wonderfully, with just enough cheese and gravy to make them delicious without turning into a soggy mush. The onion rings were an excellent little topping. I love onion rings so being able to get them without having to order another side was just fab.

We also tried the Oreo shake, which was so creamy with plenty of Oreo flavour. It was a great finishing touch to the meal.

Everything else…

In just 5 weeks Benson’s have achieved what many only aspire to. They’re enjoying queues out the door and sell out nights at peak times! With the quality of their burgers we’re not surprised and they’ve jumped straight to the top of our must visit list.


Address: 231A Dundas Street, Preston

Opening Times: 

Mon 11am to 8:30pm
Tue 11am to 8:30pm
Wed 11am to 8:30pm
Thu 11am to 8:30pm
Fri 11am to 9:30pm
Sat 11am to 9:30pm
Sun Closed

Parking:  Being on a side street you can easily park nearby. There are some restrictions so you just pick a spot carefully.

Getting here on PT: Your best PT option is a 567 bus from Fairfield Station (alight at Dundas Street). Fairfield Station is on the Hurtsbridge Line.

Disclaimer: We dined as guests of Benson’s Burgers. Reviews are honest and based on our own personal experiences. We cannot guarantee things at a venue won’t change including, but not limited to, menu items and opening hours, so please confirm any details with the venue before visiting.


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