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Zomato Gold has made it to Melbourne!

We lift the lid on Zomato Gold revealing what it is, how it works and quite frankly if it's really worth it.

Zomato Gold Melbourne Review

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So what is Zomato Gold all about? 

It’s an exclusive drinking and dining programme offering free drinks or dishes at some of your favourite restaurants. (Well, they’re some of our favourite restaurants so we assume some of  your faves are taking part too). 

Yes but how EXACTLY does it work? 

Ok, so you pay a one-off fee for a 6 or 12 month membership ($39 or $59 respectively) and then you can take advantage of the Zomato Gold offer at any of their partner restaurants. There’s no bookings or reservations fees, you just hit the unlock button on your phone and walk straight in.

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What’s the offer? 

Well it’s either 2 for 1 on food or 4 for 2 on drinks. So every Zomato Gold member is entitled to receive one free meal or two free drinks (depending on the offer at the venue). You just have to purchase one meal (or two drinks) and show them the Gold offer on your phone before you order to qualify. 

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Sounds simple, anything else I should know? 

Nothing two surprising. Here are a few key terms and conditions. There’s a link to the rest at the end of the post.

  • It’s only one free meal or two free drinks per Zomato Gold member, so you can’t order 3 meals and get 3 free. You can have two Zomato Gold members per table of four or more though and each member can claim the Zomato Gold offer.  


  • You also get the second most expensive dish (or third and fourth most expensive drinks) free so you don’t need to worry about ordering multiple items and only getting those $5 chips taken off the bill. 


  • Venues offer 1 for 1 on food OR 2 for 2 on drinks, not both, you can check the app though to clearly see which offer is available. 


  • It’s dine in only, so don’t try to use it for take out and try not to over order as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to take away any leftovers.


  • And obviously there’s some limitations with things like sharing platters or dishes already on offer but the venues will clearly explain this to you if relevant. 


  • The only other limits are once per day. So you could use this at your favourite places multiple times each week

Steak - Busby's Highett

But what do restaurant owners think about it? 

The ones we’ve spoken to love it! It’s a great way to encourage people to give them a try and it’s helping them to get more customers through the doors. They’ve said it’s one of the simplest programs like this they’ve seen. It’s easy to explain to customers and put through on their systems too so it’s not taking up lots of time for them. While it does involve them giving some food or drink away for free, they’ve found it’s led to more customers visiting: both new customers who haven’t been before and existing customers coming back more frequently so they’re definitely winning in the long run. 

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Sounds pretty good, but is it really worth it? 

In our opinion, for most people, yes! The memberships are pretty affordable and you’d only need to use it once or twice to actually save the money that you spend on the membership. (We used it twice in the first week 😂).

You can check on the app the places who are taking part (they may change over time) too, so you can see if there are places you like visiting or those local to you that you might like to try. We also thought the locations were quite varied. We’re not that close to the city but there are still at least 20 places that are a 10 minute drive or less from us, and several within walking distance so it’s definitely not reserved for those living in the inner suburbs!

Remember if you decide to try to it, use our discount code:

SUZIES to get yourself an extra 10% off too. 

Where do I sign up: (terms and conditions and FAQ’s can be found here too).

Disclaimer: We received a free Zomato Gold Membership, in exchange for a post on our social media account. This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Zomato – it’s just our way of letting you know a little more about it! While we’ll aim to keep this up to date, things can change. Please double check Zomato’s t’s and c’s before purchasing. 

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