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Review: Stanley Burgers, Scoresby

Scoresby may not be the first place you’d look for the latest hip burger joint, but when it came to opening his venue, owner Farid was desperate to bring something fresh and innovative to this area - hence Stanley was born. 

Stanley Burgers – The Overview…

Food: Stanley Burger, Manly Burger, Wedges, Pin-my-colada milkshake

Food: 4/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Value: 4.5/5

The details…

Inside, Stanley is a cool blue and white fit out, making the most of the long unit. It’s brighter than you first expect and does well in setting the venue up as a casual, pleasant dining space. On the menu are a range of creative burgers named after beaches around the globe and the idea is to transport you to a different part of the world with each one. A lot are pretty fully loaded and there’s plenty of options for add-ons, but there’s a health conscious nod too. You can switch your burger bun out for a salad, and there’s some vegan options on there as well. 

Stanley Burgers Scoresby

After deliberating for a while, we decided on the Stanley, Manly, wedges and a pin-my-cola milkshake. So firstly, this milkshake is Sunday afternoon goals. It’s every kids dream, in a classic shaped glass, beautifully topped with lollies. It looks stunning, and tastes sweet, yet light. I enjoyed the fresh coconut and pineapple combo. It’s well styled and not overwhelming – leaving you reaching for your camera but also wanting to finish the whole glass too. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever drank all of one of these crazy shakes – usually I get full really quickly or they’re too sweet whereas here I could easily have ordered another one. 

Pin-my-colada Shake Stanley Burgers Scoresby

The shake kind of sums up Stanley’s vibe. Personally I think we went for two of the most overwhelming burgers on the menu (more on these below). I wouldn’t want you to fall into the trap of thinking that Stanley is a one trick pony. While on the face of it there’s some serious cheat day goals going on here, there’s also plenty of choice – with the aforementioned vegan options and healthier salads. The burgers, that at first may seem a little crazy, are actually built from far fewer ingredients that you’d realise, styled to highlight one or two flavours and can be easily stripped back to offer a more simple, classic experience if you’d prefer. 

Manly Burger Stanley Burgers Scoresby

The Manly came out dripping with cheese – umm OMG yum! The double patty and double cheese on this one made it a solid filling burger and we have to admit we were defeated by it. The patties themselves are cooked well done, with quite a strong pepper flavour. Combined with the cheese and sauce on the bun they work great as the flavour is nicely balanced, but they don’t stand up quite as well alone (not sure why you’d eat it alone, but just thought I’d note it). The cheese sauce is absolute perfection – delicious flavour, and gooey without being runny. The burger sauce provided a nice tang, and while we had some regrets about the size of it, we definitely didn’t regret the flavours. 

Stanley Burger Stanley Burgers Scoresby

Then The Stanley rocked up, with its impossible to eat height. I’ve already decided at this point I’m dismantling this burger for parts before attempting to eat it. I just wish I’d realised the buttermilk chicken was in two thin pieces before I pulled it out after a few bites (so there’s a little insider tip for you). There initially seems a lot going on with this burger but you quickly realise that the main hero is that sriracha bacon that drizzles a delicious spice through the whole burger. It adds a perfect pop to each mouthful, and the squeeze in sauce adds a fun little element to the burger. Also, as someone who usually despises other people putting sauce on my burgers (or sangas, or basically anything – I may have mentioned this before here) I actually liked that I could just add as much as I wanted. 

Wedges Stanley Burgers Scoresby

Now, those wedges – let me tell you, they were FULLY loaded with so much crispy bacon, tangy sweet chilli sauce and cheese. I was grateful the sour cream was in the middle so I at least had a small chance of eating them without mess. The wedges themselves are your standard fried potato, but those toppings really make for a delicious side dish or late night snack. They maintained a good crispiness despite the toppings and they had everything you’d want in terms of flavours: creamy, spicy, sweet and sour! Stanley Burgers is such a great addition to the Scoresby shopping precinct.

Everything else…

Website: https://www.stanleyburgers.com.au/

Address: 2/5 Lynton Place, Scoresby

Opening Times: 

Mon         11am to Late (Also 7am to 11am take away coffee only)
Tue          11am to Late (Also 7am to 11am take away coffee only)
Wed         11am to Late (Also 7am to 11am take away coffee only)
Thu          11am to Late (Also 7am to 11am take away coffee only)
Fri            11am to Late (Also 7am to 11am take away coffee only)
Sat            11am to Late
Sun          11am to Late

Parking:  There’s plenty of carparking around the area, including a reasonable sized carpark directly behind Stanley Burgers.

Getting here on PT: While not near a train station it’s well serviced by local bus routes including 693, 753, 681, 682, and 901. Travel time from the CBD is just over an hour (train and bus combo)

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Disclaimer: We dined as guests of Stanley Burgers, Scoresby. Reviews are honest and based on our own personal experiences. We cannot guarantee things at a cafe won’t change including, but not limited to, menu items and opening hours, so please confirm any details with the venue before visiting.

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