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Indomie takes over Melbourne dishes revealed…

Find out all the dishes for this weekends Indomie takes over Melbourne, and where to get them...

Indomie takes over Melbourne dishes revealed…

It starts tomorrow (Friday 8th Feb)! Indomie is taking over Melbourne THIS WEEKEND! If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you can go check out our first Indomie takes over post. If you’re all over it, read on to find out what the dishes are and if any of my predictions were correct…

Mi Goreng Doughnut

Kecap Manis doughnut, chilli chocolate mousse and Mi Goreng noodles (vegetarian)

Reveal_1-1_0000_Bistro Morgan ÔÇô Mi Goreng Doughnut

Now this one is actually crazy! I can’t believe they’ve actually pulled off a sweet dish with these, and judging by what they normally produce, this is going to be fab – Bistro Morgan wouldn’t have anything less going out their doors.

Crispy Onion Bhaji

Crispy Mi Goreng take on onion bhajis (vegan)

Reveal_1-1_0004_Mukka ÔÇô Crispy Onion Bhaji

I’m pretty intrigued by this one. Relative newcomers Mukka are combining Indian and Asian with their Crispy Onion Bhaji. While we’re loving that it’s vegan too, we’re pretty keen to see if this mash-up works.

Meet Mi Goreng’s Son in Law

Chicken + Prawn Dumplings with Mi-Goreng, topped with a son in law deep fried egg (can be made vegan/vegetarian on request)

Reveal_1-1_Drumplings ÔÇô Meet Mi Goreng's Son in Law

Drumplings are pairing some of their classic dumplings with Indomie’s classic noodles and a son in law egg. Great traditional dish from these guys, and their central location should make them an easy one to tick off the list.

Duck Mi!

Confit duck, crispy fried Mi Goreng noodles paired with a papaya salad, Asian herbs and an orange chilli glaze

Reveal_1-1_0001_FOMO ÔÇô Duck Mi!

Probably the fanciest option on your Mi Goreng list, this one is a little bit fine dining and it sounds AMAZING! Is anyone else drooling at that orange chilli glaze?

ST BURGS (Chadstone and Caroline Springs)
The D Goreng

Crispy Mi Goreng noodles mixed with a smashed beef patty and American cheese, drizzled with Big D sauce.

Reveal_1-1_0003_St Burgs ÔÇô The D Goreng

Now this one comes in a burger or stand-alone! Personally I’d go with the burger – I mean why not?

They See Mi Goreng Rollin’

Mi Goreng spring roll with fried chicken and cheese

Reveal_1-1_0002_The Art of Fried Chicken ÔÇô They See Mi Goreng Rollin'

Come on? Can you actually go wrong with a spring roll? I honestly believe you can’t, everyone loves a good spring roll and I think the combo with their crispy fried chicken will work just great!

Let us know how many you cross off the list, and don’t forget to check out the facebook event page for all the details.

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