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Syndicate Room will satisfy your sweet tooth!

With one of the most extensive lists of sweet dishes on a brunch menu we’ve seen, the beautifully plated dishes and Sandringham’s Syndicate Room should be your go-to for a sugar craving.

Syndicate Room will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Making a bit of a habit of it, we began our 2019 brunching season in the same place we began 2018, and still suffering slightly from a New Year’s food hangover we all opted to make a sweet start of it at Syndicate Room.

Crumpets Syndicate Room

The healthy choice of the 4 dishes we tried were the crumpets (there is a smoothie bowl too if you want to be really healthy). With lashings of fresh fruit and a simple scoop of maple mascarpone this pretty dish gives you a lighter sweet option – the pomegranate poached pear really stands out on this one.

Banana Bread Syndicate Room

The filling banana bread, generously topped with raspberry coulis, maple mascarpone, orange fluid and again plenty of bright fruit is a well balanced dish. With a strong banana flavour and a nice sweetness this again makes you feel like you’re being a bit healthy while still indulging in something sweet. It’s a bit more filling that the crumpets and a little sweeter too.

Waffles Syndicate Room

If you’re wanting an all out sugar feast, the waffles are the way to go – topped with a whole cone of mango sorbet and lashings of fairy floss, it’s a bit of a Willy-Wonka-esque dish. The large waffles were soft and filling. The orange fluid and blueberry coulis both added a nice extra sweetness to the dish and there was seasonal fruit adorning this plate too. It’s a fun and delicious dish!

Pancakes Syndicate Room
Finally, the (almost trademark) Taro pancakes are a huge serve with three thick pancakes. Stunningly plated with house made cherry ice cream atop the large melt-in-the-mouth pancake stack. It’s the second time we’ve tried this dish and it’s only gotten better with age. Surrounded by matcha soil, chocolate soil, crushed nuts, japanese pocky and seasonal fruits it’s quite a feast, and if you’re only going to sample one sweet dish at Syndicate Room this has to be the one.

Everything else…


Address: 1/254 Bay Road, Sandringham

Opening Times: 

Mon         6:45am to 5pm
Tue           6:45am to 5pm
Wed         6:45am to 9pm
Thu          6:45am to 9pm
Fri            6:45am to 9pm
Sat           7:30am to 9pm
Sun          7:30am to 4pm

There are a few parking spaces out front, but it’s a mostly industrial area, with a few shops so there is plenty of street parking nearby.

Getting here on PT: It’s probably one that’s best visited by car. It’s on the 822 bus route though, and about a 30 minute walk from Southland.

Disclaimer: We dined as guests of Syndicate Room, Sandringham. Reviews are honest and based on our own personal experiences. We cannot guarantee things at a restaurant won’t change including, but not limited to, menu items and opening hours, so please confirm any details with the venue before visiting

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