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Three new signature flavours at Drumplings!

Drumplings add three new exciting flavours to their existing Signature range!

Drumplings, Melbourne CBD

So if you’ve not already heard of them, Drumplings launched in March in Melbourne’s CBD and are the guys who bring you awesome creative dumpling flavours such as the cheeseburger d(r)umpling!

Drumplings - Melbourne

Now they’re set to expand the range, with 3 exciting new flavours now available: pepperoni, mac n cheese, and Aussie Beef pie. Deon St. Mor the visionary behind Drumplings says “Drumplings [is all about] putting a spin on classic dishes, while at the same time giving you a special dining experience.” He noted that the new dumpling flavours respond to the demand from their customers for interesting sensory experiences mixed with familiar, nostalgic flavours.

Drumplings - Melbourne

The pepperoni is built from that Italy classic – the pizza, taking one of Australia’s most popular pizza choices, and nestling it inside that smooth dumpling skin alongside a classic tomato sauce and obviously some cheese. The result, a real East meets West combo.

Drumplings - Melbourne

Now surely everyone loves a mac n cheese croquette (I know we do), so the prospect of a mac n cheese dumpling is pretty exciting to us! It’s taking one of those simple, light dishes, than almost everyone has enjoyed at some point and giving it a fresh d(r)umpling twist! It’s a brave move – it’s one of those dishes everyone has an opinion on, but we’re pleased Drumplings have decided to take that risk and add it into their range.


Finally the Aussie Beef Pie gets honoured in dumpling form, taking those childhood memories of sporting events and giving them a new form! Packed full of grass fed beef and spring peas, I’m not sure anyone can go past this – it’s a must try! Alongside these new flavours, you can still find all their other signature flavours and classic dumplings too.


Address: 227-229 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD

Opening Times: 

Mon         11am to 10pm
Tue          11am to 10pm
Wed        11am to 10pm
Thu         11am to 11pm
Fri          11am to 11pm
Sat          11am to 10pm
Sun        11am to 9pm

Not the easiest or the cheapest to park around Bourke Street, much easier to get PT.

Getting here on PT: It’s on the doorstep of the 86 and 96 tram stop (alight at Swanston Street) or any of the trams up Swanston (alight at Bourke Street). Parliament probably nudges it as the closest train station, but it’s an easy reach from any CBD station and is right in the middle of the free tram zone.

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