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Best of: Melbourne’s Best Hot Chocolate*

Here's our list of must try hot chocolate this winter. We've looked outside the box to bring you some delicious different hot chocolate choices as we enter the colder months.

Melbourne Best Hot Chocolate*:

(* That you probably haven’t tried)

Now we were aiming for 5 must try hot chocolates for this winter season, but quite frankly, a lot of them didn’t make the cut – so here’s 3 we feel you need to get in your belly!

Note: If we do find anymore great ones, we’ll be sure to update the list for you, and make sure you shout out your recommendations in the comments!

3. Nutella Hot Chocolate, Syndicate Room:


Would you expect anything less from those food artists over at Sandringham’s Syndicate Room? Perfectly presented this creamy nutella hot chocolate with those cute marshmallows and a ferrero rocher on the side is sure to give you those winter feels.

Pro tip: Give it a minute before you drink it and use a spoon to scoop out that nutella!

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2. Sphere Hot Chocolate, Sisko:

For something a little more sleek and sophisticated try Sisko’s sphere hot chocolate. I think the pic speaks for itself on this one – a hot chocolate, with actual chocolate in it.

Pro tip no 1: Don’t take too many pics or your drink will cool and the sphere won’t melt.

Pro tip no 2: Give it a good stir before you sip to make sure all that gorgeous chocolate has worked its way through your drink

Sisko’s Eastland store also do take away versions, so you can enjoy this sensation hot chocolate in your own home too! Also if Sisko is a little far, their stockists Long Story Short in Brunswick also offer these fab drinks. When we visited we mixed it up and tried the matcha one for a hot chocolate with a twist!

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1. Mist in the woods, Dex 2 Rose


Taking our top spot has to be the creative geniuses at Dex2Rose for this multisensory hot chocolate experience – Mist in the Woods. The softly spiced hot chocolate, made with 54% Belgian Chocolate is yummy enough in its own right, but add to that a beautiful rosewater mist and a little campfire to toast your own marshmallows, and it’s the perfect Christmas in July treat! You even get some freeze dried raspberries and a cheeky scoop of icecream on the side.

Pro tip: Have your camera ready!

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Do you feel your cafe’s hot chocolate should have made the list? Let us know at and we’ll arrange to come for a visit. 

Disclaimer: We dined as guests of the above venues. We received no additional incentives to include them in this list. All of our opinions are based on our honest experiences. We cannot guarantee things at a cafe or restaurant won’t change (including, but not limited to, menu items and opening hours, so please confirm any details with the venue before visiting)

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