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Review: 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken, CBD

4 Fingers is a step up from your usual fast food - which means it takes a bit longer, but it's worth it.

The Overview…

4 Fingers is a step up from your usual fast food – which means it takes a bit longer, but it’s worth it.


Mixed Signature Crispy Chicken (Wings and Legs), Katsu Sandwich, B.B.F.F., Crispy Calamari, Rustic Chips and Sweet Potato Fries.

Food: 4/5
Atmosphere: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 4/5

The details…

4 FINGERS CBD 11.01.18 022We visited for dinner mid week. When we arrived there were a few people sitting in, but it never got busy, and at one point we were the only people in there. There are menus on the tables, but it’s strictly a fast food place: order at the counter, get a buzzer and go and collect your food when it’s ready. I’m a little disappointed they didn’t bring the food to the table, because even Maccas does that these days. While not a big deal it would just help with the overall image. Having said that, service was very friendly. They were happy for us to sit and wait for friends before ordering, and were helpful when we asked questions.

4 FINGERS CBD 11.01.18 008The chicken was really good. Chicken is locally sourced and prepped to order – no artificial flavours and no MSG. If you’re craving junk food, or a quick meal this place should be on your list. The coating was crispy, sticky and caramelised – almost like pork crackling – I was amazed how it could be both so crispy, yet so moist. There was a generous amount of meat on each of the chicken pieces and the burger too. Both the soy garlic and hot had lots of flavour, and it was an enjoyable, all be it messy meal. The Katsu Sandwich had a nice Chinese Bun, and the kimchi slaw tasted great but there was hardly any chicken on it which was a shame. The fries are good, with the seaweed ones being a particular favourite of ours.

4 FINGERS CBD 11.01.18 016As far as fried chicken goes, 4 Fingers has to be one of my favourites. The crispy coating is a winner, and I thought it offered excellent value compared to many similar venues; however, I do think they still have a bit to learn to really take on the best. Nothing major, but when you’re asking people to wait that bit longer for fast food, you really need to make sure you’re pulling out all the stops: wet wipes, share plates (even paper ones) table service and a little more effort with the presentation of the food, in particular the burgers, could give this place a real wow factor and turn it into an all round excellent casual dining experience.

Everything else…

Website: 4fingers.com.au/

Address: 189 Bourke Street, CBD, Melbourne

Opening Times: 

Mon      11 AM to 8:30PM
Tue         11 AM to 8:30PM
Wed      11 AM to 8:30PM
Thu       11 AM to 8:30PM
Fri          11 AM to 8:30PM
Sat          11 AM to 8:30PM
Sun        11 AM to 8:30PM

 Umm, it’s on Bourke Street – why are you taking your car. You’re negating the great value menu by getting ripped off for parking!

Getting here on PT: It’s in that golden spot on Bourke between Swanston and Russell St. Get any tram going along Swanston or Bourke and it’s a two minute walk from the intersection.

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