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Product Review: Only Mine Chocolates

OnlyMine_20171101_0011Only Mine are a Melbourne based chocolate maker, designing beautifully handmade, artisan chocolates. They source ingredients from all over the world to offer a great range of flavours to suit everyone’s tastes. We were lucky enough to get to choose a box to sample ourselves, and another box which we’ll be giving away shortly.

OnlyMine_20171101_0006Now, my first concern when I heard about Only Mine was that they deliver the chocolates to you. I was adamant that there was no way these chocolates could arrive in one piece without being melted, or looking a mess, and while I was grateful to be getting free chocolate (who wouldn’t be), this wasn’t a service I’d ever see myself using! Well, I shouldn’t have been so negative. Anya and Jason put the same care into packaging the chocolates as they do into making them. The sleek black boxes are simple, but classy and the interior of the boxes are perfectly made to hold the chocolates without any moving. The boxes are bubble wrapped, and a cool pack is included to stop them from getting too hot, they’ll even include a gift message if you like. I was so impressed and definitely could imagine myself sending these chocolates to friends as a surprise.

OnlyMine_20171105_0002These chocolates just scream luxury from the moment you open the box. They are simply beautiful, from the flavours to the colours. Every single flavour has it’s own unique design painted on to it and this must have taken hours – it almost makes you want to savour them, which is perfect if you’re a chocoholic like me and would otherwise wolf them down in 2 seconds.

When you order the chocolates, you are able to choose your flavours, so I tried to get one of most flavours (omitting vanilla and licorice and apple and cinnamon – I’m neither a licorice nor a cinnamon fan). There’s a range of milk, white and dark chocolates but each flavour only comes with one kind of chocolate. This is the only thing that’s a little disappointing, as I know many of my friends would have a strong preference for a certain kind of chocolate and this does limit your choices.

OnlyMine_20171101_0013I think we enjoyed every single flavour we tried. I liked how they had different consistencies, some being more like a truffle and others creamier inside. The stand outs for me were the fruit flavoured ones – passion fruit being a particular winner, and M.B. liked the salted caramel one. There are some adventurous flavours too, like chilli and cashew or lemon and peppermint, for those of you who like something different and there are vegan and gluten free options too.

Boxes start from $11 for 5, so while they’re probably not something you’d treat yourself to every day given their beautiful creation and stunning flavours they do offer good value, and when you throw in the free delivery if you spend over $50 they are definitely a great choice. At that time of year when you are beginning to think about Christmas presents these would definitely put smiles on people’s faces.

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