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Review: Turquoise Eatery, Caulfield

_DSF3499Turquoise is cute and quirky, it could have been plucked right out of my home town for its eclectic decor – which kind of makes you feel like you’re simultaneously visiting both your nana’s with her collection of niknaks cluttering the shelves and your hipster friends who are constantly upscaling everything they find in hard rubbish. It’s cool, and unique and makes what could be any other Melbourne cafe when viewed from the street stick in your mind, and become that place you want to show your friends.

Turquoise has a really nice feel, despite being fairly small it feels open, and although a little dark (probably only an issue to those of us taking endless photos of what we eat) it’s welcoming and interesting. I’d go back just to sit at a different table and see a different view of the decor. Staff were welcoming and helpful, they took care with our order and wanted us to be happy with what we had chosen. They regularly checked in, but without this becoming annoying or intimidating – just a casual “how are you going?” as they walk past so you know someone is there if you need them.

_DSF3489M.B. went for the yoghurt pancakes (obviously – I mean I’m kind of regretting banning bacon and eggs), served with cinnamon apple, walnuts, cranberry crumble and marshmallow lemon cream. While a slightly smaller pancake serve than you may get in some places (the pancakes themselves are actually quite small) he thought they were the softest pancakes he’s ever eaten, enjoying the lightness of them, and the contrast of the crispy cranberry crumble.

_DSF3504I went for the porridge, which was just a bowl of breakfast perfection. Simple, but hearty, with enough fruit to make every mouthful interesting – it kind of took me back to being a kid and having warm bowls of porridge on a cold winter morning. Don’t go expecting razzle dazzle with this dish, it doesn’t have as much going on as some other porridge bowls out there, but it terms of the quality of the actual porridge, its up there with some of the best and it’s a decent sized bowl too! An enjoyable experience, and a varied menu, thanks for having us Turquoise!



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