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Review: Mr Hubbard Cafe & Larder, Malvern

IMG_4832Mr Hubbard is now permanently closed. Try our fave Saint James cafe instead. 

Mr Hubbard is this tiny, little 17 (ish) seater cafe tucked away just off Glenferrie Road in Malvern, but boy do its meals create a big impression! Its varied menu and super fresh food really stand out.

After visiting a couple of huge brunch spots this week, the small intimate setting of Mr Hubbard really hit the mark. Despite its small cover, there’s a group table, outdoor seating and a window bench, as well as several two-seater tables. They really use the space well, with tasteful decorations brightening the walls, but minimal clutter, to maximise the seating area.

IMG_4822When we arrived it was busy. Mr Hubbard seems to attract a young crowd – probably drawn by the good choice of healthy brunches available, but it is far from pretentious and felt more like a homely, local cafe visited by brunching regulars, than teens trying a flash in the pan eatery. Atmosphere was relaxed, and Mr Hubbard strikes me as a place first on young local lips when they are looking for fresh food and a good catch up. Service is excellent, and while ordering is done at the till, this doesn’t compromise the experience. Staff were attentive and friendly, taking time to chat with people both at the counter, and checking up on their experience throughout the meal.

IMG_4829I ordered the avo feta smash (after debating about several really tasty sounding options, including the breakfast board, and the peanut butter Acai). The avocado and feta were well balanced, and the avocado was full of flavour, sweet and fresh. My egg was well poached, and the seeded sourdough was delicious – nicely contrasting the avocado. The little detail of added tamari seeds gave an extra element to the texture and the whole dish just really worked so well. One of the best avo smashes I’ve eaten. My latte was also enjoyable with a sweet flavour. I only stopped at one as I’m trying to moderate my caffeine intake down from my usual 15 cups a day!

IMG_4831Mr Boring went for, okay wait for it…. pancakes. Yes, pancakes, sans bacon, and with lots of fruit and chocolate drizzle. Once I’d picked myself up from the floor, I did manage to ask him how they were. Now he’s not a big fruit eater, but that plate was close to clean when he’d finished, which gives you a good idea of the quality. The pancakes were fluffy and golden, portion size was generous, and again you could see the freshness of the fruit. He thoroughly enjoyed them, so thank you Mr Hubbard, you have saved me the embarrassment of having him order bacon and scrambled eggs at every. single. place.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The menu is thoughtful, clever, and for the most part, health-conscious. Yet, Mr Hubbard don’t sacrifice flavour or enjoyment to achieve this and despite me choosing something far more low sugar than I typically would, I left feeling incredibly satisfied, and wanting to go back for more. I don’t think it will be long before I’ll be back through the doors of Mr Hubbard wanting to try some of the other delicious options their menu has to offer.

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