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Review: Dex2Rose, Melbourne CBD

We visited one of Melbourne's most instagrammable dessert places...

In Amsterdam it’s hookers, in Melbourne it’s eateries – if you find it down the end of a narrow dark alleyway, chances are it’s pretty good, and Dex2Rose certainly doesn’t disappoint. While it definitely feels like a tourist hot spot (although how they find it I’ll never know), Dex2Rose holds it’s own as a quality dessert bar. It’s not just a fluke that this place has outlasted the nitrogelato fad, these guys don’t just make pretty desserts; they really know their stuff.

The decor is fairly sparse with several tables (including a few to accommodate larger groups) and a large open plan kitchen area. It was busy and bustling for the whole of our visit, but if you are lucky enough to snag a table, there is a good amount of space between them so you don’t feel like a gelato-eating sardine. While the place has an industrial feel, it does well to appear so bright and welcoming given its back alley location.

Everything here is made fresh to order – surely that’s part of the nitrogelato experience, watching them create your gorgeous gelato, however, it does mean there’s a wait for your dessert so not somewhere to visit if you are in a hurry. There’s no rushing here, they create you an icecream-y masterpiece, but for that you need patience. The staff are super knowledgeble, friendly and eager to help though. They explained the menu and what they do, and even took the time to teach me the difference between icecream and gelato (ice cream is made with cream, gelato with milk in case you weren’t sure either).

img_3736.jpgWe ordered Salty Camel (their signature dish) and Strawberry Watermelon, with two hot drinks. We were impressed with everything, from the creamy gelato, to the finishing touches of our popcorn and sweets (I can’t bring myself to call them lollies #sorrynotsorry). I wasn’t expecting much from the coffee, but it was good latte and I would certainly go back for another one. Portions are generous and I struggled to finish mine. The gelato was smooth and creamy, as I say, they are packing a decent punch behind those twinkly instagrammable extras they top their desserts with.

All in all, highly recommended. It’s not by chance that this is one of the lasting flames of the nitrogen gelato faze. This is gelato made with love and it shows in everything they do. It’s worth the trip down the slightly suspicious looking laneway (yes, all the way, right to the bit that looks like a dead end), the seemingly endless wait for an icecream gelato (which really wasn’t that long, it just looks so good, and you build your hopes up every time you see them making one, that this one might actually be yours) and the melted gelato all over your hands and the endless try to get an insta-worthy shot that shows this dessert off at it’s best (which you’ll probably give up on when you realised said dessert is melting faster than you are able to take pics of it)!

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