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Facebook Recreate: Vegetable Chips

I recreate Vegetable Chips, as seen on a Facebook Video. Read the full post to see how I get on and if I recommend you trying it too...

Back in the U.K. I used to do this quite often, so I thought I’d start again and share my experiences on my blog. Facebook recreate is where I find a Facebook video of someone cooking something, or sharing a recipe (you know the ones where it always looks amazing, and really easy, and you wonder what the chances are of you blowing up your kitchen if you trying to recreate it in real life), and I try it out to see what happens. The first one I’m going to share with you guys is Veggie Chips Four Ways.

I posted a link to the video on my facebook page, and you can find the original article with full recipes here.


Now I opted to make the sweet potato version (but use a mix of sweet and desiree potatoes) and carrot version (but use a mix of carrots and zucchinis) as I was curious how the flavours would work with different veggies. The asparagus and zucchini ones both have cheese in them and after a few discussions with another foodie friend, we decided these probably weren’t any healthier than regular chips, so I didn’t bother with these.

Simplicity (was it as easy as it made out on the video): These are actually really simple to make, its just chopping some veggies and mixing a few herbs together then shoving them in the oven. Took me about 10 minutes to prepare (and that was making 4 different kinds of veggies, two different dressings and taking photos along the way). 5/5 for this.

Success (did they work): Yes, mine worked, BUT I did change a couple of things. Overall, the video is fine, it gives you a good clear idea how to make them.What I loved was how my “chips” didn’t stick at all to the baking trays and I will definitely use this method of mixing them in a bowl, rather than my usual method of brushing them with oil and adding seasoning on the baking tray, although I did have to add a little extra oil to the bowl to ensure all my veggies were coated properly. My biggest issue was the oven temperatures (220C), they were way too high for my oven. I initially started cooking them at 200C, but then turned the oven down to 180C. I left the potatoes for the full 25 minutes, but took the carrots out after 20, as you can see from the photos they are definitely well cooked and didn’t need any longer. If I were to do it again, I’d go for 180C for 25 minutes. 3/5 for this.

Succulence (how did they taste): Overall they tasted great. I preferred the sweet potato one, although I’d add less salt next time. I like anything that makes vegetables more interesting and doesn’t involve a lot of effort, so this gets a tick for both of those. The carrot dressing worked just as well (if not better) with zucchini, so I like how they are versatile. Also with the adjusted cooking times, they were super soft and had an almost buttery taste which was lovely.  4/5

Overall:  12/15. Definitely worth a try if you fancy doing something a little different with your veggies. Perfect to brighten up a mid-week meal when you’re short on time.




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