Scribble No. 1

So this is the first (of hopefully many) of my food related scribblings from Melbourne. I guess I should start with a little of what to expect:

  1. Food (well obviously)

No seriously, it will be a mix of reviews, recipes, information, hopefully some competitions, but it will all be food related (if you are here for a little slice of my Melbourne life, you are probably in the wrong place). Obviously, most of the restaurant reviews will be Melbourne based (because that’s where I live) but I aim to make the rest of it accessible and relevant to as many people as possible.

My Story:

I guess I started collecting recipes about 5-6 years ago but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago I got them organised from a big pile of mess into a “book” of sorts that I can actually use. This coincided with a New Year’s Resolution to visit a new restaurant each month, which soon turned into a new restaurant most weeks, with coffee and cake in between and our foodie journey was born.

The blog idea has been simmering on the back burner now for about 12 months as I knew we were moving half way around the world and I wasn’t so sure Manchester Foodies would care for my reviews of Melbourne.

And here we are.

An example of things not to expect: recipes that require a huge kitchen with a million complicated appliances, weird ingredients that you can only buy from 1 store that’s only open every 3rd Tuesday of the month and you must travel there by penguin… etc, etc. or me going on about how wonderful something is because I received it free, when two weeks ago I was telling you I wasn’t a fan.

Recipes will be meals I’ve genuinely made in my own (rather tiny) kitchen and I will do my best to forewarn you of any complicated bits before you start. Reviews will be restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlours, food trucks…anywhere really where I fancy trying the food and they’ll be my honest opinion. Not that you’ll necessarily agree, it’s my opinion after all, but at least it will be honest. If I work with a company, promote a place, tell you to drive 200km for ice cream – it’s because I like the company, love the place and that ice cream was definitely worth the 200km drive!

Hope you enjoy!

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